EZ Dye®

EZ Dye lets you add originality and color to your polished floors.

EZ Dye is an engineered dye formula unique to the EZ Polish System and is available in 24 colors. Our formula applies evenly and consistently with vivid color. 

1) Complete Step 3 of the EZ Polish System.
2) Use a sprayer to apply EZ Dye onto floor.
3) Work EZ Dye into the floor with a microfiber applicator.
4) Wait for floor to dry then burnish using the EZ Burnish Pad.
5) Apply a coat of EZ Superguard, wait until dry, then burnish again with EZ Burnish Pad.

Coverage Rate: 2500-3000 SQ Feet

EZ Dye Color Chart

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If you are interested in using EZ Dye for your next project, let us send you a sample on the color that you choose. Our samples are great ways of testing out our product and make sure your client gets what they want.

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EZ Dye